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I am absolutely delighted to write a few words about Christophe GRENET, not only because he is a confirmed visual artist and a talented sculptor, but also because he was born in Petit-Quevilly, a town where I lived during twenty years as a child and a teenager.

Thus, this young artist (he was born in 1961), whose studio is located in the Perche region, gets up in touch with the West of France all along superb collective and personal shows and exhibitions. He exhibits particularly interesting and high performance pieces that often present a remarkable harmony between wood and metal and affirm even more the visual reality and mythical expression that govern the conception of these trifles free sculptures.

Christophe GRENET does not pamper the material : materials are the support on which he puts down a lot of feelings and chimaeras, a riveting and enchanting seduction coming from his thoughts, from his own universe blazing with power, sensuality and a intact and rugged charm where sometimes fears, nobility and symbolism are nestling in. All feelings sculpted by sensitive and expert hands that always give a chance to the natural features of the material.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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